About Us

Hadidna is the proud product of Solb Misr, a state-of-the-art Egyptian steel group.

Why Hadidna?

Hadidna - the word “hadid” spells our core business: steel. The product of a very old and heavy industry, steel has become an integral part of our way of life. Manufactured through various inefficient methods long before the Renaissance, its use became more common with the introduction of advanced production methods in the 17th century. Today, successive and complex steel production processes make it one of the heaviest industries in the world.

Hadidna - the suffix “na” spells our core value: belonging.  We proudly belong to a great nation, Egypt, and to its stalwart people. We belong to a group of environmentally friendly companies across the world.

Its mix of unyielding strength and uncompromising quality makes Hadidna the perfect commitment of a lifetime.