Rolling mill

Billets from the casters pass into one of the four multi-stand rolling lines of Solb Misr, producing either bars or rods.

The billets are reheated in a furnace before being rolled into bars, wire rod coils and spools. The produced diameters of rebars range from 10 to 40mm whereas wire rod diameters range from 5.5 to 14mm. A continuous monitoring system ensures that rods and bars are produced with excellent surface quality and dimensional accuracy.

Solb Misr’smission is to ensure continued investment in the ongoing improvement of its steel products, processes and human resources. True to its mission, it has recently invested in a spool bar finishing line. The latter will offer bars in spooled format with diameters from 8mm to 32mm and weights between 1.5 to 2 metric tons.