Through its 2 steel melting plants, Solb Misr offers 2 million MT per annum of high quality billets complying with international standards. 

  • The standard-produced billet is 12 meters long with a cross-section of 130mmx130mm.
  • The caster can also produce billets with cutting length up to 13.6 meters with a cross-section from 130x130mm to 150x150mm.
  • After the launch of the 2nd Steel Melting Plant in 2012, Solb Misr will be able to produce square billets from 130x130mm to 200x200mm, as well as round billets, beam blanks and baby slabs.

Semi - Finished Products

  Standards Sizes (mm) Length (m)
Square Billets ASTM-BS-DIN-SAE 130*130;150*150 4-13.6
200*200 6-12.0
Round Billets 200;250;350;400 6-12.0
Beam Blanks 280*220*80;430*350*90;670*350*90;1050*460*90 6-12.0
Baby Slab Min. Thickness 80mm; Max. width 1000 mm 6-12.0