Spooled Bars

Solb Misr can offer up to 450000MT per annum of spooled bars with diameters ranging from 8mm to 32mm and weights between 1.5 and 2 metric tons.

Finished Products

  Standards Sizes (mm) Weight (Ton)
Spooled Coils ASTM-BS-DIN-SAE 8-32.0/Inner Diameter:850 mm Outer Diameter:1200mm 1.5;2

The online optimized bar cooling before spooling ensures a very consistent product quality, fully compliant with tensile and ductility requirements.  

Spool reinforcing bars offer customers many advantages:

  • 1- Waste elimination (estimated at around 3% of steel value) if used for downstream products;
  • 2- Minimized storage requirements, handling and transportation costs; 
  • 3- Twist-free spooling avoids residual axial torsion in the material (as occurs in traditional coiling where this is often the cause of cobbles in the downstream cold processing lines).