Environmental Plants

De-dusting Plant

The Electric Arc steelmaking process generates a considerable amount of fumes which must be collected, filtered and cleaned prior to being released into the atmosphere. The fume De-Dusting System, upgraded in Q2 of 2010 in order to meet local and international emission standards, is designed to capture both primary and secondary fume emissions within the Steel Melting plant.

Slag Treatment Plant

Solb Misr has finalized the construction of the Slag Treatment Plant commissioned in Q2 of 2009. This project, Suez Steel Slag, was driven by Solb Misr's respect for the environment and unwavering commitment to the promotion of recycling and the reuse of materials as an alternative to exploiting natural resources. The main function of this plant is to separate slag from its metal content and crush the slag into four different sizes that can be reused in other industries like cement, asphalting and concrete, according to the national slag association.