Vision And Mission


To enable Suez Steel integrated complex to be a pioneer in its field domestically, regionally and internationally



Persistent and continuous search for maximizing and optimizing the added value of the iron and steel industry


SSC is producing iron and steel high-quality products such as DRI, Billet, Rebars, Coils, Cut and Bend steel reinforcing bars, and other basic and by-products

SSC is proudly committed to maintain and apply the international quality standards and EHS (ISO14001/2015 - ISO 45001/2018 - ISO 9001/2015)

In addition to other legislative and legal measures aiming to create an integrated industrial society based on knowledge, scientific researches, and training which consequently promote the development and enhancement processes, as well as assuring the best possible ways to positively impact the Egyptian Economy and Society (The Quality policy is available, published and comprehensive for all employees and it is revised periodically)

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