Environment Protection

Solb Misr made sure that using top notch technology ensures environmental protection mainly through recycled steel use, energy saving and air protection, and has also constructed plants with the sole aim to eliminate any potential environmental hazard.

Solb Misr deploys serious efforts towards eliminating the adverse impact of steel production on the environment, and has taken the necessary steps to implement additional air protection processes and equipment, including dust collection systems and high efficiency   burners

De-dusting Plant

The electric arc steel making process generates a considerable amount or fumes which must be collected, filtered and cleaned prior to being released into the atmosphere. The fume de-dusting system meets local and international emission standards by capturing both primary and secondary fume emissions within the steel melting plants.

Slag Treatment Plant allows recycling and reuse of materials as an alternative to exploiting natural resources. It separates slag from its metal content and crushes it into four different sizes that can be reused in other industries according to the national slag association.