Rolling Mill Plant 1


الطاقه الإنتاجيه التصميميه : 400,000 طن سنوياً

نوع المنتج : حديد تسليح بأقطار مختلفه من 8 مم وحتي 40 مم

تاريخ بدء التشغيل : 2010

عدد العاملين : 175

الأقسام الرئيسيه :

1- تربيزه الشحن

2- فرن التسخين

3- ماكينه اللحام

4- قوائم الدرفله

5- مبنى الكهرباء

6- صندوق التبريد

7- ماكينه الرباط

8- سرير التبريد

9- مناطق تخزين حديد التسليح

10- المبنى الادارى

11- محطه


مختصر العمليه الإنتاجيه :


يتم شحن عروق البيليت الناتجه من قطاع الصهر داخل فرن التسخين بالغاز الطبيعي سعه (80 طن/ساعه) حتي تصل إلي درجه حراره 1100°م , ثم تخرج عروق البيليت آلياً الي منطقه القوائم ليتم درفلتها عن طريق درافيل رأسيه و أفقيه لتخرج في صوره أطوال حديد تسليح مشرشره بأقطار مختلفه من 6مم وحتي40 مم


الطاقه الإنتاجيه التصميميه : 410,000 طن سنوياً

نوع المنتج : حديد تسليح ولفائف بأقطار مختلفه من 5,5 مم وحتي 16 مم

تاريخ بدء التشغيل : 2011

عدد العاملين : 174

الأقسام الرئيسيه :

1 - تربيزه الشحن 

2- الفرن 

3- ماكينه اللحام 

4- قوائم الدرفله

5- مبنى الكهرباء

6- ماكينه الدرفله بالسرعات العليا

7- صندوق التبريد

8- سرير تبريد منتج اللفائف

9- مبنى كهرباء

10- عنبر

11- ماكينه الرباط

12- المبنى الادارى

13- محطه المياه

مختصر العمليه الإنتاجيه :


يتم شحن عروق البيليت الناتجه من قطاع الصهر داخل فرن التسخين بالغاز الطبيعي سعه (80 طن/ساعه) حتي تصل إلي درجه حراره 1100°م , ثم تخرج عروق البيليت آلياً الي منطقه القوائم ليتم درفلتها عن طريق درافيل رأسيه و أفقيه مروراً بصندوق زياده الإنتاجيه النهائيه BGV لتخرج في صوره لفائف حديد تسليح مشرشره أو لفائف الحديد الأملس بأقطار مختلفه من 5,5 مم وحتي 16 مم .

  • It is considered as one of the highest capacity and the recent technology in the world with a total capacity of 1,400,000 MT/year.
  •  Rolling Mill equipment’s was supplied by Danieli on 2018 started commissioning by January 2019.
  •  Rolling Mill 3 produce a sizes of rebars from 8 – 40 mm according to Egyptian and international standards, It also produce a length of 6 and 24m.

The Reheating furnace:

  • Considered as one of the highest efficient furnace in the world working by walking beam system.
  • Using the natural Gas as heating fuel.
  • The furnace working with 41 burners through 3 stages: Preheating zone, Heating zone and soaking zone.
  • Total capacity 245 MT/Hour
  •  It’s prepared to charge billet with size 165*165*12000 mm
  • The temperature of the billet is raised to 1150 to complete the rolling process
  • The furnace is capable to hold 124 billet weighing 310MT

Oxide Removal Unit (Descaler)

This unit installed after RHF discharging door directly, and its function cleaning reheated billets from any scales or oxides result from reheating of charged billets. The used water pressure reached to 250 bars to obtain highest surface Quality of final product before start rolling process

Welding Machine (EWR)

This welding machine weld the front of the billet with the end of previous one directly and hence rolling process changed to (endless rolling) to minimize losses during rolling process and increase yield and productivity of the mill.

Roughing Stage

1-This is the first rolling stage. It consists of eight rolling stands distributed horizontally and vertically for more homogeneity during metal shaping.

2-the total motor power at this stage reached 7600kW

Intermediate Stage

1- This second rolling stage and consists of six rolling stands distributed horizontally and vertically. This stage consider final rolling stage for sizes from 25 to 40mm

2- Total motor power reached to 4800 KW.

Final rolling stage (BGV)

1-This is the last rolling stage for sizes from 8 to 22 mm. by completing rolling process using tungsten carbide rings to give highest surface quality for final product with fixed dimension during rolling process.

2-the total used motor power at this stage 8815 kW.

Quenching and tempering process (QTP)

In this stage the rolled metal subjected to sudden cooling inside cooling elements (coolers, strippers) fixed inside water cooling boxes. The water pressure used in Quenching process reached to 14 bars with water flow rate reached to 2000m3/hr to give ability to control mechanical properties of final product which accordingly achieve Egyptian and international specifications of steel rebars.

Cooling bed and its auxiliaries

The length of cooling bed reached to 107m. It carry final product through movable racks. With worm movement and natural air cooling to give homogeneity for final product and hence stability for mechanical properties of steel rebars.

Cold Shear

This Machine used for cutting steel rebars to different lengths ranged from 6 to 24 m according to customer requirement Its power capacity reached to 1000 ton.

Final finishing area

The final product conveyed through inspection chains to individual two separate finished areas after passing 2 automatic bar counters for rebars to ensure the count of bars per bundle according to the produced size to ensure the accurate bundle weight about 2 ton.

The plant equipped with six tying machines. Distributed in two areas. Every area has 3 tying machine to obtain highest quality for tying conditions applied to final product.